This week on “My Band mates are fucking idiots” 

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good girls // 5 seconds of summer 

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New pic on the set of Everything Has Changed

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(October 18th)
Happy 27th Birthday, Zac Efron!
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I Am What I Listen To

Hello to the lovely mrhukelemmings!! Thank you for tagging us!! :)

Directions: Put your music player at shuffle and write down the first 20 songs. You CANNOT skip. :)

1. Christina Perri- Arms
2. Karmin- Gasoline
3. Maroon 5- Love Somebody
4. The Script- The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
5. Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars
6. Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross- New Flame
7. One Direction- Truly, Madly, Deeply
8. Passenger- Whispers
9. One Direction- Taken
10. Conor Maynard feat. Ne-yo- Turn Around
11. Meghan Trainor- Close Your Eyes
12. Jessie J- Do It Like A Dude
13. Kesha- Die Young
14. Iggy Azalea- Work
15. Demi Lovato- In Case
16. The Vamps- Another World
17. Avril Lavigne- I’m With You
18. 5 Seconds Of Summer- I Miss You
19. Deorro- Five Hours (Original Mix)
20. Sam Smith- I’ve Told You Now

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So this is me and my friends with 159 subscribers!! (Thank you for playing with our emotions btw lol) I hope you can listen, subscribe, comment and like our videos. We’ll be posting new covers soon!! (And also new imagines on this account so send us a message if you have any requests) thanksss you cool people haha -Max

Besides posting and appreciating the faces of Taylor, 1D & 5sos, we also sing. So if you have the time (pls have some time haha) listen to Geneane’s soundcloud right here and maybe follow, repost and like her covers!! :) -Max

Seventeen’s Hot Guys issue - November 2014

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It’s the way you grab someone’s hand. It’s the way you commit to looking into their eyes and then trailing off. Like those little details help sell the whole package. And you know, they’re harder than you think while you try to remember big sequences and he… He really impressed us. (x)


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